merchant mariner families

...a highly unusual, sometimes maddening,
but mostly comical way of life.


       beady's law  
                  whatever can go wrong will go wrong AFTER your mariner leaves        

                  sailing with the opposite sex         

     pirates and the merchant mariner      
                   two mariners meet
                    my dad                                                                

                    andrea phillips, merchant mariner wife

                     how Beady thinks I live when he's gone

        the question 
                     "When are you going back to sea?" 

         stranger danger 
                       when my mariner comes home

                       who is this callie gal? 

         the kid
                        one merchant mariner kid's perspective 

                painting off the side of the ship & hanging upside down    

       top 11, baby!
                top 11 "must haves" for merchant mariner living

           your husband does what?

       left behind
                is that really us, are we left behind?

           sweater girl                         
                         my mother in law

           a lesson in humility

           the trouble with tape

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